This 2014 Ferrari Spider had an improperly installed full body clear bra installed that was only a few months old. The owner was disappointed in the previous clear bra install due to the poor film that was used, as well as the gaps between the panels that the clear bra covered. The finish on this 458 Spider was a $20,000 option and the sub-par clear bra did not showcase the finish at all.

While a correctly installed paint protection is designed to protect the paint from damage and rock chips, it’s also important that it retains the car’s original finish as much as possible. For this reason, we only use Suntek and Xpel, as we can confidently stand behind both of those brands in terms of clarity, top coat finish, and of course durability.

We removed the existing clear bra from the entire car, and re-installed our choice of Xpel Ultimate clear bra on the full front of the car. The owner didn’t want to redo the remainder of the car with clear bra again, therefore we applied a full ceramic coating on the remainder of the car to provide layer of protection via ceramic coating the paint.

Here is the finished installation. Virtually no seams are visible as all the panels are correctly alined and the film also comes with a 10 year warranty that covers both the film and labor.