The new Huracán LP 610-4 is one of our favorite Lamborghinis out right now. It’s extremely well engineered, 610-hp V10 engine suits the 3100-lb chassis quiet well! It’s nowhere as enormous as the Aventador which makes the Huracán a perfect daily driver. The owner opted to protect the full front end and top half of the car with Xpel Ultimate clear bra as it will see a notable amount of road use.

The bright green Verde Mantis is a unique finish as it also contains a pearl effect within the paint. We protected the full front end, which includes the full hood, full fenders, full bumper and full sideview mirrors. We also protected the headlights, roof and engine cover surround. Even the A-pillars and rear trunk bezel were protected in clear bra. This is all due to the low sitting nature of the car. Damage on the hood isn’t the only possible culprit. The roof and pills are equally subject to pricey paint damage!

As always, progress pictures show some unfinished work in progress. All edges and visible seams are wrapped around when applicable to retain a factory finish.